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Current Litters

To get on a reserve list for a litter, be sure to check out our puppy process first! Once you have done that, head over to the "Reservation Form" and let's get started. If you need help walking through the form, don't hesitate to ask!
To find out about any upcoming litters we hope to have, check the bottom of the page or email us using the contact page. And as always, keep checking our Facebook and Instagram pages to stay up to date!

Reba & Trigger

We are planning a litter of beautiful red AKC Goldens! Reba and Trigger are both beautiful red colors and have playful personalities! She is expected to have puppies early April.

Reserve list:
1. Quinn Eisch- male
2. Rylee O'Connell- male

2. Andrea Johnson
3. Andrew Scribner
4. Amy Reddington
5. Przekwas family
6. Darlyn and Lyn Hartman
7. Kathy Kyllonen

To get on the next litter for Reba and Trigger, message us or fill out a reservation form.
shaniataylorphotography- triggerboy-0001.jpg
Summer 2024
shaniataylorphotography- layla2022-2.jpg
shaniataylorphotography- tlrphotos-0002.jpg

Layla & Trigger

Spring 2024

We are planning a repeat Layla + Trigger litter for the spring & fall

of 2024. She will be due middle of April.


To get on the reserve list, check out the reservation form under the "All things puppy" tab or message us on Facebook/Instagram! And keep checking back here or on Facebook/Instagram for any updates about this litter!

Reserve list:

1. Annie Leidner- female

2. Holly McLain- female

3. Tanya and Daryle Dahl- female

4. Amy Foley- female




1. Brea Molher- male





shaniataylorphotography- triggerboy-0001.jpg
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