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Our Golden Girls

Meet Stella Marie!

She was our first golden. I got her before Brandon and I were married, as a companion when I lived with my grandma. I personally think I should have trained her to be a therapy dog. She loves everyone! But her favorite person is Brandon. Even though I was the one who bought her, she quickly became his companion. I can't say I blame her though! And even though she hates getting her photo taken, she is the most gentle, kind, playful, loving dog we have ever owned!

Stella Information:
  • Full Panel Genetic Tested
  • Is clear in everything besides 
    Ichthyosis (Golden Retriever Type) 
  • She is golden to dark golden in color
  • She weighs around 50 lbs
Layla Information:
  • Full panel genetic tested
  • Layla is a carrier of ichthyosis, but clear in other genetic tests
  • Layla is light golden to golden in color
  • Layla weighs around 50 lbs
shaniataylorphotography- layla2022-2.jpg

Meet Layla Layla!

She is our wild child! Ha! She loves to explore and run and run and run! We call her Taylor's dog because she is so good with her. If Taylor wants Layla to follow with her so they can play, she follows along. If Taylor wants to sit on her and play with her hair, she doesn't care. As long as Layla is with someone or someone is touching her, she is happy! She also is our bird dog. I should have trained her to hunt because she would have been excellent at it.

Meet Reba May!

She is our smiley dog! Her pretty red, curly hair is my favorite though! She is a lover and just wants to be with us. Reba is our biggest Golden girl. She has her own goofy personality, but wants to please you. I joke that she is my (Shania's) dog because she always wants to be next to me, but I can't decide if that's because I am the one who always feeds her or if it's actually because she loves me over everyone else!

shaniataylorphotography- reba2022-2.jpg
Reba Information:
  • Full panel genetic tested
  • Reba is clear of all genetic tests done
  • Reba is red to dark red in color
  • Reba weighs around 55 lbs
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